One Purpose Performance Services

Organizational Development

Our organizational development services help private, public and not for profit businesses to improve their performance and culture through a systematic and sustainable approach.

  • Roles, Workflows and Reporting
    • Ensure clarity of roles and responsibilities
    • Minimize redundancy while creating a collaborative and supportive work culture
  • SWOT Analysis
    • We customize every session based upon specific goals and objectives. We work with internal and external stakeholders at all levels to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We identify patterns and trends, solutions and create solution-based action plans for implementation.
  • Employee Engagement
    • Working with Human Resources or directly with staff at every level we help to ensure there are pathways for growth, open communication, clear expectation and ongoing opportunities for professional development.
    • We ensure that there is consistent and meaningful feedback to ensure alignment and to maintain a motivating environment and culture.
  • Sample Documents are available
One Purpose Performance - Business services
One Purpose Performance partners and clients benefit from coaching on Long Island, NY.

Executive, Professional & Whole Life Coaching

  • Certified, professional coaches
    • We incorporate our unique team coaching process to provide a safe, confidential and results oriented outcome to individuals, departments, teams, boards, partners and/or family businesses.
  • Public Speaking
    • We especially love seeing individual clients and teams to develop presentation skills, stance, projection, cadence and confidence in delivering formal and informal speeches and content.
  • Speech Writing
    • We quickly gain and in-depth understanding of your mission, goals, key messages and intent, to help write the perfect speech for you and your audience.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning model is a proven method to set ambitious goals, create actionable plans and achieve long term success. Ensuring that all leaders, staff, partners, boards and the community are stakeholders in the process and thereby outcomes.

  • Mission, Vision, Core Values – engage all stakeholders to create, reaffirm and/or revise prior to strategic planning process.
    • Convene and work with all stakeholders to gain input, perspectives, and facilitate mission focused meetings to create, convey and communicate what you do, why you do it and for who. This is the foundation of your organizational goals.
  • Facilitate all facets of Strategic Planning
    • Focus Groups – Gain critical and objective input from the executive team, emerging leaders, managers, all staff, clients, board members, volunteers, external partners in the community, vendors etc..
    • Create high level summary to develop goals and objectives with deliverables, timelines, resources, and accountability.
    • Using our custom template we help every department to create their unique action plan for presentation. Feedback and final revisions are made before we create the Strategic Plan Gaant chart.
  • Sample documents are available
One Purpose Performance boosts ROI through strategic planning on Long Island, NY.
One Purpose Performance boosts ROI through executive coaching on Long Island, NY.

Professional Development Programs, Workshops, Corporate Retreats & Networking Events

  • Our Professional Portfolio includes the following programs and workshops and are customized to meet the needs of our clients unique, innovative and solution based goals and objectives.
    • Mission, Vision and Core Values
    • Creating Best Practices
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Communication Skills
    • Collaboration and Team Building
    • Sales Training and Customer Service
    • Difficult Conversations / Conflict Resolution
    • Timebound Goals and Deliverables
    • Leading and Managing Change
    • Succession Planning
    • Motivational Benchmarks and Celebrations
    • Equine Assisted Leadership Workshops
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Assessment Tools & Development Resources

  • DiSC Profile Assessments
  • Temperment Styles
  • 360 Assessments
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sample Documents are available
One Purpose Performance boosts ROI through business services on Long Island, NY.
One Purpose Performance clients benefit from coaching and professional development.

Master Facilitation

Our master facilitation services help groups to achieve their goals by creating a safe, productive and engaging environment where effective collaboration leads to meaningful impact and outcomes.

  • The Art of Facilitation is one of the greatest values we provide to our clients. It is the true essence of all successful meetings, group projects and creating high performing teams.
  • Our foremost advice is to facilitate with a partner whenever possible. How can you teach people to work with others when you stand alone before a group?
    • We model what we teach, coaching and facilitating together.
      • In our case we are different in our facilitation styles and we talk about this because we believe that it helps people see how different styles can complement each other. We have unique gifts and talents and believe that together we can better meet the needs of the group.
      • We also demonstrate trust, active listening and model the utmost respect for each other even when we have different perspectives.
      • We learn from each other every day and practice gratitude.
  • Good facilitators believe that the answers and solutions, lie within each group and that through asking the right questions, through discussion and reflection the group will create the appropriate solutions. The approach is group/team centered, not facilitator centered.
    • The facilitators must be genuine, authentic, honest and truly caring so they can establish a trusted relationship with the participants.
  • Training the Trainers: As Master Facilitators for over 20 years, we believe that Training the Trainers is among best legacy that we can leave to our clients and the many organizations that we have the honor and pleasure to serve.
  • Master Facilitation will help you to sustain every other coaching and professional tool we provide to you and your organization.
    • The Art of Facilitation – Knowing and Preparing Yourself
    • Building Relationships – Understanding Different Styles
    • Creating the Environment
    • Understanding Groups
    • Keeping the End in Mind
    • Creating the Flow
    • Exploration and Process
    • Presenting Yourself/Developing Your Style
    • Leading Discussion/Asking the Right Questions